Individual Therapy

One to one sessions are the most common arrangement for psychotherapy sessions. It’s a great way to focus on your needs and start the process of working through some potential blocks that are impeding your life in some way. Through the therapeutic relationship, we can together, try to shine light on some of the areas of your life that seems unclear at this moment.

I believe that through engaging with a therapeutic process it becomes possible to get to know ourselves better and in that way, perhaps engage in the world in a more honest and authentic way. It can also increase how we manage stress and cope with our difficulties better.By recognising different aspects of ourselves we, also learn to acknowledge and accept what we can and can’t change.


Behavioural support

I also offer behavioural support for children on the autistic spectrum or with other extra behavioural and emotional needs. If you child is struggling emotional adjustment in a new country or with daily living skills such as toileting or sleeping. I may be able to able through utilising the techniques of Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA). This involves looking at the function of your child’s current behaviour and thinking of creative ways together to re-frame the difficult to area to help your child overcome these obstacles.

This could be a short term arrangement or a more long term set up with check in sessions as and when needed by the whole family.

Family Support

Autism can be a huge thing for any family to manage and although  living with autism can bring exceptional joy and an added appreciation of many things, it undoubtabley produces a high degree of stress on the family unit. Because of the extra work that you as parents might be doing, I have found that it is extremely import to practice good self care and psychotherapeutic support can be a part of that.

It is also common that siblings of those on the autistic spectrum can struggle with the extra demands that living with someone with autism can bring, I believe it is important to acknowledge these extra demands and if need be provide some extra support where necessary.


In some ways autism remains a largely confusing and complex thing to consider as it affects each person, and their families in a different way. However by sharing good practice, information and experience I believe support can be provided to those who are working extra hard to cope with the every day struggles that autism can bring.

I have over 10 years experience working with children and adults on the autistic spectrum and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have done so.  I have learnt over this time the importance of communicating with others in the field about experiences and the necessity to build strong social and professional support networks. I welcome any interest in this area whether professionally or personally.

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