About me

I work privately as a psychotherapist with individuals dealing a wide range of issues including anxiety, relationship, identity problems and depression. I also specialise in family support and working with issues around disability.

I am trained in existential psychotherapy which I understand as attending to the phenomenon of the ‘here and now’ within the psychotherapeutic space. For me I find that this approach allows space for the therapy to include questions of a more philosophical nature and questions that we may all ask ourselves at some point in our lives around what it means to us to be alive can be explored. Talking about finding meaning in life also paves the way for us to be able to talk about death, whether that is feelings about our own death or the experience of losing someone close to us. Life holds many contradictions, paradoxes, confusion and events that may feel, or simply be, out of our control. I believe that talking about these experiences and phenomena can allow a deeper level of processing to occur and in that way, it may be possible to access more choices in our lives.

Psychotherapy for me means letting go of some of my predisposed ideas, so that in moments with my clients we can talk together in a way that is different to that of the everyday. My approach is client-led as I believe that each individual has the most insight into themselves. My experience has shown me that embarking on an exploration of self-awareness with another person can help with the process of illuminating otherwise, hidden aspects of ourselves and it is through the therapeutic relationship that most change and therefore healing can occur.

My prior background is in autism intervention and therapeutic support and I have worked with a wide range of children on the autistic spectrum; from those diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome to those with severe and complex autism and other learning difficulties. In response to this I also set up and ran a family support project for parents and siblings of those on the autistic spectrum for families that needed some extra support and for young siblings to meet other children in a similar position to talk with in a safe and supportive place.   

I am registered and fully accreditated with the UKCP and adhere to their code of ethics.